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Understanding Medicaid seems to get more difficult with each update and new regulation. A Medicaid lawyer from Mason Law Office can help you get a clear picture of your options when it comes to long-term Medicaid planning. We'll show you how to protect your assets during your stay at an assisted living or hospice facility.

Make sure your estate is secure by meeting with a Medicaid planning lawyer in Tallmadge, Summit County, OH today.

When to see a Medicaid lawyer

If you or a loved one is planning to enter a long-term care facility, make sure you visit a Medicaid lawyer first. Medicaid planning is a complicated but necessary part of your financial preparations. If you don’t make arrangements to protect your assets, you risk…

Losing your savings during your stay in a care facility
The state of Ohio recovering money from your estate after your death
Leaving your estate with debts to pay on your behalf

Explore all of your options by speaking with a Medicaid lawyer ASAP.

Medicaid Planning

Work with a Medicaid lawyer to protect your assets during long-term care.

Medicaid Planning

Trust and Estates

Secure your future by working with an estate planning lawyer.

Trust and Estates


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Discuss your end-of-life wishes with a trust lawyer

Medicaid planning is only part of the estate planning process. Rely on an experienced trust lawyer to help you make arrangements for the rest of your estate. We'll work with you to set up trusts, draft your will and establish powers of attorney.

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