Don't Lose Your Savings to Long-Term Care Costs

Sit down with a Medicaid lawyer in Tallmadge, Summit County, OH

Is your loved one heading into a long-term care facility? Help them protect their assets by working with a Medicaid lawyer in Tallmadge, Summit County, OH. Attorney Mason can show you how to safeguard your loved one's property and savings. She knows the ins and outs of Medicaid law and how it applies to your family's situation.

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Protect your assets through Medicaid planning

Are you worried about losing all you've worked for when you enter a senior care center? Mason Law Office serves senior clients in the Tallmadge, OH area. Our Medicaid planning services include:

  • Asset protection planning-don't let your estate be consumed by end-of-life care expenses or the Medicaid Estate Recovery Program.
  • Medicaid applications and appeals-make sure you get the financial assistance you're entitled to by working with a Medicaid lawyer.
  • Medicaid estate recovery planning-find out if the state can take money from your estate and what you can do to prevent it.
Put your mind at ease by finding out exactly what you can protect. Call now for a free Medicaid planning consultation.